Tuesday, March 18, 2008

He exists!

It's Jack-Jack attack in the flesh!

Don't lose any more sleep.............you're city is safe with at least one member of The Incredibles watching over Covington!

Easter egg hunt!!

Ashlee put on an Easter egg hunt for the kids!! They had so much fun. I couldn't get Hunter interested this year :(

I can't believe he'll be in 5th grade next year! Time is going to fast...............

Pig Roast!!!

Bill and Jona hosted Al and Karen's wedding reception in February and roasted a pig!! The kids were sad that Uncle Bill left the head at the butchers this time. (I wasn't)

Kale and Kody

My adorable 7 month old twin nephews (I'm sure you couldn't tell) are going to out weigh Jack soon!! Not that Jack's a body builder or anything.

It's all about Will.................

Will's preschool put on the cutest Spring concert! Although Will's been known to flash the "rock-on" sign at church programs, we were safe this time!!

Will and Papa..........

Will's Spring Program

Will was scared to sing at his spring program but once he got up front he sang his little heart out!!

Hunter and Liv showing off some art work at school

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Batman and Spiderman

I found my 2 little super heroes today. They came into the office to show Craig and I their super hero outfits. They had found some tape and napkins and taped the napkins to their necks. Apparently, Spiderman wears a cape................and Jack, who is 3, knows everything.

Anyone want a free van??

Aside from putting a sign on my van that says "FREE". I about gave it away.
I think it's certain you lose brain cells after having children. I have now done this twice! Left my keys in the van while running. The first time was in the Safeway parking lot. Max....45 min. The second time was at an indoor play place.....1 1/2 hours!!
So, I'm lucky to still have a van. Good thing I don't drive a BMW or shoot, even a sedan might be a step up from the petri dish.
If you see my van (also available in white) without a driver and running, remember it's not my fault. I have 4 children and would trade my brains for them anyday!!!

Guitar Hero.....for kids??

Yeah, we're addicted. It's official. We even make our friends play when they come over. So be prepared if you get an invite. Craig not only is destined to be a Nascar driver (that's another story) but he's also covinced rock & roll's his destiny.
FYI.....the Mackenobies (the name of our band) plays EVERY night. Come see us!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Result of too much eggnog


AL....where are you???
Grandpa Al didn't make into any pictures!
We are so thankful to be around family for Christmas.

We missed you Jason and Denise :(